Let’s face it. Hardwood, ceramic tile, stone and similar types of flooring look great but aren’t much fun to walk on once the cold winds start to howl. So we were more than delighted to see chindi rugs, aka rag rugs, show up this year on designers’ lists of the hottest, vintage home furnishings.

Wondering how truly vintage chindis are? Surprisingly, the colorful, foot warming rugs’ ancestry spans the globe and goes back in excess of 24,000 years. During those times, they were made by hand using whatever spare materials families hand at their disposal. Understandably, that’s what contributed to the rugs’ multihued appearance and modest sizes. Today, chindi rugs remain bright and warm, but manufacturers have expanding their size offerings. They’ve also started to offer throw rugs in more muted colors, like shades of grey and denim blue. So it’s not uncommon to find one that’s 70cm x 140cm on sale at a vintage home furnishing store.

Because the size and colors of contemporary chindi rugs vary greatly, professional and amateur designers alike are opting to use them in a myriad of ways. For example, many people like to buy several chindi rugs and them sew them together to make a patchwork style floor covering for a baby’s nursery or children’s room. Others like to place the smaller size, vintage rag rugs near doorways, hot tubs, kitchen sinks, shower enclosures, stair cases and easy chairs.

What’s even nicer about the chindi rugs is their ability to fit into design schemes that run the gamut. That versatility, in our opinion, comes courtesy of the rag rugs’ long history. It makes them ideal for use with everything from country farmhouse and Tudor manor style furnishings to the hard lines of concrete furniture and metal sculptures. For instance, imagine how good one would look sitting near a vintage iron lampshade and cross sitting bench or in front of a distressed wood console used to house modern day electronics. When you do, it will be easy to see why the world is still in love with chindi rugs.

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