Vintage Wedding Table

Weddings make people nostalgic so it’s no surprise when they start looking for vintage furniture to complete their theme for going back in time. Classic pieces have so much character to add to a wedding day as decorations or as gifts.

Wedding decorations: There are pictures all over the web of loving couples coming up with creative uses for vintage furniture. This one ceremony from the southern United States shows how appealing it can be if you think folding chairs and standard banquet tables look a little too sterile. Imagine the bride and groom walking down the aisle lined with rustic wooden chairs towards a charming armoire overflowing with fresh flowers on top. They even arranged their party favors in an old tray and served dinner on a table that looks like it came straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

Wedding gifts: Some places will let you rent all kinds of furniture, but buying affordable vintage style pieces may be a better option for financial and sentimental reasons. Wouldn’t it be delightful to keep such a meaningful keepsake from your special day? The wedding couple might decide to make it a present they give to each other to start their new home. On the other hand, a loved one could get it for them in advance so it’s ready for the wedding ceremony and reception. Think of something like this bench.

After all, giving furniture as a wedding gift is an age old tradition. For centuries, couples received cupboards, armoires, blanket chests and more. Painted decorations added the finishing touch and usually included initials and dates to mark the occasion. These folk art pieces were usually done by the family themselves or by expert craftsmen if they could afford to pay someone. It would be easy and touching to do it yourself if one of your loved ones is artistic or you could hire a local art student.

Vintage furniture can beautify your wedding and your home. It’s a lovely way to start your married life

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