In general, people tend to just polish furniture rather than stain it.  This means that your furniture is going to be in various shades of brown.  It could either be a very light brown, which is often referred to as blond wood.  Or it could be in a darker shade, either cherry or dark brown.  However, just because you have wood furniture doesn’t mean that it needs to be brown.  It can also be painted or stained a brighter color like red, green, blue or yellow.  You can create a very bright and homey appearance when you paint or stain your furniture and this helps to overall improve the energy of your home.  Here are a few tips for painting and staining furniture:

  1. Paint or Stain?  Paint is usually opaque and does not allow the grain of the wood to be seen from underneath.  Staining, on the other hand, may not be as bright but you’ll be able to see the wood underneath, which has its own beauty.  If you’re going for a more modern look, you might prefer painting but staining will give your furniture a unique,vintage appearance.
  2. Professional or DIY?  Often, stores sell furniture which is already painted or stained, which means you don’t have to lift a finger.  On the other hand, there’s a certain charm in doing the painting or staining yourself.  This is a creative endeavor, so it always leaves you feeling satisfied.  Also, if you feel like the paint or the stain doesn’t look quite as you imagined, you can stop and change colors or mediums after you’ve done a small part of the painting.  When it comes to stains, you’re also going to have control over how dark you want it to be.  Stains can be really light, allowing the wood to show through or they can be almost as opaque as regular paint.  Plus, if you get some more creative ideas, like painting each shelf of a shelving unit a different color, you can also indulge these.
  3. Integrating the piece into your home.  You want there to be some type of theme running through your home.  Each room may be different but it should be cohesive in some way.  One way to bring this about is to make sure that the level of staining everywhere is the same even if the colors are different.  You can combine red, blue and green stains if each of them has the same level of opacity.  Or you can stain all your furniture in one color, with different levels of opacity.  Just remember that there should be some common feature which ties things together.

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