Kitchen Organiser - with drawers for corkscrews!

Vintage items have become more popular as many home owners are nostalgic and love to surround themselves with memories from their childhoods. When the treasures can be put to a current use, they have that much more value and enjoyment.

Wooden Open Shelf with Two Doors

This traditional ‘shutter style’ cabinet offers flexible storage with configurable shelving options. A great looking piece, the attractive and sturdy dark distressed mango wood works along with any color schemes and especially with vintage furniture.

Wooden Open Shutter Two Drawer Wine Cabinet

With wine being so popular, you can openly display and store your favorite bottles in the top slanted section of this vintage style furniture piece. The two drawers and the large areas at the bottom enclosed in doors are excellent places for your wine glasses and accessories.

Leather Hide Rug

This colorful rug is made of cow hide and is backed with durable felt. This works well with retro furniture, adds a burst of color in front of your couch, or can be used to line a hallway. .

Knitted Footstool

Fabulous knitted round “poufs” come in a variety of neutral and bright colors such as cream, beige, black, grey, red, and green so they can match any decor. They have a 70 percent cotton outer cover and 100 percent cotton filling, and that makes them soft, clean, comfortable and easy to clean.

Bedside Cabinet

This is traditional, good looking and practical for storage of bed linens, pillows, etc. with two deep drawers and a vintage style sand blasted top.

Glass Hurricane Jars

In a medium or large size, these clear glass jars have a leather handle and make a dramatic statement in any room when they are filled with colored pebbles or sea shells or marbles. They can also be filled with a pretty candle, artificial flowers, real flowers, or anything else your imagination comes up with.

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