Do you love to incorporate Chindi, felt-backed and leather hide rugs into your retro home furnishings collection but wish that they’d stay in one place? The good news is there are actually several ways to ensure that they stay put. Some offer permanent adhesion and others are temporary solutions that allow people to move their area rugs around at will. The methods that we’re about to mention may also be used with other types of area rugs as well as assorted carpet tiles. Here, let’s take a look:

Tape for Retro Area Rugs

There are multiple companies that manufacture double-sided tape that is specifically designed to hold lightweight rugs in place. Among them are Duck and Lok-Lift™. Although they are marketed as being suitable for use with all types of flooring, most people tend to agree that the tapes work best on smooth, clean, finished surfaces. Thus, retro homes with textured or unfinished floors may want to choose a different non-slip method.

Non-Slip Pads for Vintage Area Rugs

Non-slip pads are also available on the market today but they have some downfalls too. For instance, low-quality pads may stick to surfaces, discolor floors, trap moisture and leave gritty residue behind. Consequently, the pads won’t work for every home or situation. We’d also recommend that if you do choose to go with a non-slid pad for your Chindi or leather hide rug, that it’s of the utmost quality.

Pins and Tacks for Old-fashioned Throw Rugs

Sometimes commercially available rug pins and tacks will do the trick. Just keep in mind that they will make small holes in area rugs’ backing as well as the underlying floor. They also tend to be too weak for high traffic areas. So, you might want to reserve them for out-of-the-way corners or low traffic spots.

Grip Paint for Traditional Area Rugs

Finally, we can’t forget about grip paint. Some people call it non-slip paint or liquid magnets. It’s usually a fabric safe substance that is applied to the back of the Chindi, felt-backed or leather hide rug like wall paint. When the substance dries, it turns into this tacky material that will hold the area rugs down into position. The substances are generally sold through home improvement and hardware stores

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