Knitted Footstool or Pouf

One of the retro home furnishing trends that aren’t showing any signs of losing steam is extreme knitting. And we can’t blame the millions of people that are embracing it for one simple reason; it’s an incredibly fun way to truly personalize a space. If you’ve been contemplating giving it a try but aren’t too handy with a pair of knitting needles, don’t despair. We’ve got a few tips for getting started:

Head to the local thrift store and pick up some vintage knit sweaters, scarves or blankets. They are ideal for making knit pillows, seat cushions, draft stoppers, curtains and covered door handles. Simply measure, snip and sew the material into the retro home accessory of your choosing.

While you are out and about, look for little knit pouches, winter hats or gloves too. They may be modified to create a variety of knitted planters, flower vases, pencil holders, lamp shades, kitchen utensil jars and more. There are examples of the types of knitted container covers that we are referring to on Pinterest. Perhaps they’ll inspire a few yarn-fueled creations of your own.

In addition to repurposing discarded knit apparel, consider filling decorative baskets with different colored yarn and knitting needles as table decorations. Then complete the look by using framed, knitting patterns and small scraps of knitted material as part of a wall display. Many knitting patterns are available online for free and may be enhanced using various computer software.

For the rest of the retro home furnishings needed to complete a knitted design scheme, consider starting out small. One super way to do that is invest in knitted poufs. They make excellent footstools for adults and spare seating for kids. Plus, you could pile them up together as part of an “Ode to Knitting” type of soft sculpture. If the budget allows, you could branch out from there to include knitted chairs, coffee tables, love seats, sofas, end tables and throw rugs.

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