Retro Acrylic Furniture

You’ve got your basic retro home furnishings. Then you’ve got your retro home furnishings that can paradoxically bring to mind the 1960s and the early 21st century. And the great thing about this is that all you really need to start your search is plastic.

Movies of the 1960s presented an almost unified vision of the way the houses we are living in today would be furnished.  The miracle product of the day was acrylic, a wonderfully durable plastic that also featured the extremely valuable trait of being molded into even the most outrageously futuristic of shapes. The art designers of 1960s futuristic fantasies also seemed convinced that the new millennium would give birth to a species inordinately preoccupied with cleanliness.

Acrylic furniture was also devilishly easy to keep clean.

If the world of the 21st century envisioned by 1960s movies and TV shows had come true, you would probably be reading this while perched upon a single piece of plastic shaped into a chair featuring a foam cushion to sit upon. If that is the retro furnishings upon which you sit as you read this, congratulations: you are living the dream of what our century was supposed to look and feel like.

The houses of 21st century families featured in 1960s movies occasionally featured information processing devices not far removed from our computers, tablets and cell phones, but much more than occasionally these films predicted that users of these devices would be relaxing on furniture constructed of hard acrylic frames and upholstered in ridiculously shiny vinyl.

If you really want your home to ping back and forth between the retro style of the 1960s and the contemporary style that was supposed to be, then you need to look high and low for something to sit in that features sleek curvature for your back, very small cushioned seats and spindly wire legs. The world we live in was intended to be one in which comfort was constructed from low-slung, minimalist design totally at odds with the reality of the 21st century’s dependence on bigger and bigger recliners.

One of the predictions of 21st century home decor that actually is rather easy to find in furniture stores seeking to replicate retro designs is the robust appearance of huge spherical lamps. Many of these globes list from the inside illuminate the surrounding area through opaque acrylic domes which almost hide the actual light bulb. The best of these lighted spheres work as both lamp and art. One thing reigns above all: if you really want to tap into the the retro-futuristic look, your globe must be larger than life.

More retro 1960s home furnishings to bring to life cinematic visions of the 21st century:

  • Curved plastic cocktail tables of brilliantly garish colors.
  • Plastic cube adorned with plastic nylon cushioning.
  • Flexible polyurethane couches.
  • Sofas constructed of multiple units that can be broken down into individual seating.

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