Inspire your home with these simple retro pointers

Design styles go in and out of fashion all the time. The materials, colours and other elements change, but designers gain inspiration from the past which they draw upon for their current creations. Mid-century retro furniture is hot these days, as people seek to add some vintage character to their homes. The popularity of this look means there a lot of choices available when you are looking for retro furniture. If you are wondering where to begin, here are some ideas to give your home a retro appearance.

Go With a Time Period You Love

Pop culture trends affect furniture design. Each era is influenced by different colours, patterns and finishes that give it unique flavour. Let nostalgia inspire you as you ask yourself which characteristics you enjoy, and which best fit your style. There was the art deco style of the 20s. Then in the 30s, modern furniture was sleek and shiny with polished metal contrasting with black. The furniture of the 60s was influenced by the pop art scene. Maybe you like the post-modern furniture and earthy colours of the 70s.

Let a Retro Element, Colour, or Idea Inspire Your Choices

If you do not feel attracted to a certain time period, you may be inspired by a retro element that interests you. It may be a favourite piece of furniture, artwork, colour, or appliance. Maybe you like clean lines, or soft shapes, wood, chrome or leather. You can draw inspiration from that and use it to inspire your choices.

Match Furniture with the Architecture of Your Home

You can let your home or favourite architectural style guide your furniture choices. Furniture and architecture designs overlap in each era. An art deco style home suggests different furniture choices than a post-modern. Take a look at the architecture of the 20th century and see what furniture complements the styles you like best.

Complete the Motif

Lighting decor and wall art goes along with the furniture designs of each period. Pendant light fixtures were popular in the 60s, while the 70s had metal arc floor lamps and large lampshades. Period reproduction wall art, such as signs, posters, or political art can help to finish the motif.

Retro furniture gives you the freedom to break away from current standards and furnish your home in the style that pleases you most. Inspiration is all around thanks to renewed interest in retro films, television, fashion, autos and other areas, all of which is being embraced by designers in all fields.

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