Distressed Vintage Trays

4 Trendy Uses for Distressed Trays

I’ve been seeing articles about all the trendy ways you can use retro home furnishings like distressed trays. These are a few of the brilliant ideas I found online plus some thoughts of my own.

Trays are so versatile for decorations and entertaining. Plus, the price is usually low enough that I can pick up a bundle without going over my budget. These are some things I want to try:

Table arrangements: I love this idea I saw on Elle Décor about using trays to maximize table space. You just prop the tray up as a platform and slip smaller items under it. I could really use this on the tiny bar in our basement. It would also look great on the table in our bathroom. A wood tray has more character than most standard organizers made for bathrooms.

Pet food tray: One of the first things I thought of was getting one for the kitchen floor where our two dogs eat. It would prevent the mess they make and look better than the plain old placemat we’re using now.

Wall organizer: Someone on Pinterest also made a great suggestion. Glue overlapping fabric strips onto the tray and make sleeves for sorting mail. You could also use it as a picture frame or add hooks for keys and things.

Serving tray: For an outdoor wedding or any party, the trays would work well to pass around food and drink. The same goes for breakfast in bed or leaving them on a coffee table or kitchen counter.

This is one example of what I had in mind. I like how it’s new with a distressed look. It’s hard enough bleaching my kitchen cutting board. I don’t want to worry about germs that might be lurking in a wooden piece from someone’s basement.

I always find inspiration in vintage furnishings like trays. They have so many practical uses, and they’re a fun way to make my home feel more inviting.

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