American and European farmhouse style homes have both been around for centuries. Although they have their differences, both feature architectural design elements and vintage home furnishings with distinct similarities. For example, the homes tend to be rectangular in shape with easy-to-frame roofs, large covered porches and right-angled, outer walls. They were designed to blend in seamlessly with the land and offer comfortable, yet simple accommodations.

The vintage home furnishings were typically practical, eclectic and made from local sourced woods, like white cedar. They were built tough but didn’t lack in beauty, much like the trunk box featured here. They were often meant to serve more than one purpose too, even though most farmhouse style homes had floor space to spare. Let’s take the trunks as examples. Many farmers’ wives undoubtedly used them to store the family’s bed linens. However, they could have just as easily stored a bedroom chamber pot or pewter candlesticks from her immigrant ancestors.

This passion for multipurpose, vintage home furnishings is evident in farmhouse kitchens too. Consequently, it’s not uncommon to see plantation shutters repurposed into kitchen shelving and cabinet doors. Most farmhouse cabinets of the day were meant to hold tableware, dry goods and cooking pots meant for the hearth. Thus, they had a comforting, utilitarian look that many farm families came to equate with great interior design and efficiency.

Because there is such an overwhelming, continuous interest in vintage chic, it is easy to outfit a contemporary kitchen with vintage farmhouse furnishings. Many homeowners and renters choose to select an eclectic mix of furniture and agricultural focused extras to help keep their designs real. For instance, they may pair a distressed, wooden wine cabinet with a butcher block table and iron lamps that may have once hung outside of a barn. To see more examples of eclectic furnishings that give rise to thoughts of humankind’s agricultural roots, please contact us today.

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