Large Iron Lamp Shades

Vintage light fittings are perfect when it comes to giving a home or business raw character and focal points. However, there are typically questions that must be wrestled with too. One of the biggest is figuring out which eras should be incorporated into the design. Personally, we like the 19th century look. It harkens back to a time when many of the world’s economies were becoming more industrious by the minute. Of course with that passion for moving the world full steam ahead came a wide variety of lighting styles.

Gas lights with their distinct, industrial structure and pleasing glow were quite popular in Europe and North America. Incandescent electric lamps, Victorian wall lights, Rococo and Neo-Rococo took the world by storm in the 1800s too. It wasn’t until the dawn of the 20th century when other lighting styles like Arts and Crafts, Mission Revival, Art Deco and Art Nouveau caught on as well.

In our experience, electric and gaslight era lighting’s strong lines help to make them work really well with both 19th and 21st century designs. Take vintage iron lampshades in solid colors and thick chain pendant lights as fine examples of that. They would look just as much at home with a 19th century sea chest as they would with Victorian leather sofas, floating shelves or chairs made with concrete and steel.

Multi-coloured lampshades with vintage industrial overtones can also make a variety of styles come to life. For instance, we think that the curved, iron lampshade we found here would look great paired with pop art by Andy Warhol. Many of his paintings feature similar colors and some scenes associated with industry. The list of paintings that comes to our minds includes, but doesn’t end with Skull (1976), Moon Explorer Robot (1983), Car (1959), Cars on the Highway (Undated), Oxidation (1978) and Gun (1981). Let us know if you agree.

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