10 Drawer Portobello Chest

When spring and summer bestow their warmth and air of good feeling upon us, many homeowners start getting the idea to renovate, remodel, or redecorate. One idea that strikes many of us is the notion of mixing some vintage home furnishings into our living space. Often times, however, we get scared off by the thought that everything in our home would need to be vintage or retro in order to make it work, and all the items would have to be from the same era. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

“A little bit goes a long way. Use vintage in moderation with contemporary spaces. It will highlight the uniqueness of the vintage item. You don’t necessarily want to live in a time capsule.” (Jaimie Rummerfield, co-founder of Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design in Los Angeles)

Rummerfield goes on to say that, “Vintage and thrift is the best way to add one-of-a-kind flair to a space without insanely high cost.” So it appears that even from a professional design perspective, it’s okay and even advisable to add just a side table, a light fixture, or even a classic-looking clock from a previous era to the contemporary decor of a home. In fact, vintage pieces can have an even more powerful impact if they are mixed in with contemporary or more modern surroundings.

The notion of interspersing vintage pieces with contemporary decor can go one step further. You don’t even necessarily have to choose pieces from the same era. Don’t be afraid to take in pieces from all different eras as long as the scale and proportion of the items match your needs and taste. Above all, choose items you like. Buy items with colors and shapes that suit your personal taste and don’t worry so much about putting a lamp from the 60’s on a side table from the 30’s. In fact, if your home features a lot of modern technology, it can make the mixing of various decades from certain vintage items even more charming and expressive.

In conclusion, be brave. Don’t be scared to start trying some vintage home furnishings in your contemporary designed home. Try different looks and different eras. Above all, have fun with it. It’s really what life is all about in any decade.

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