Vintage Iron Lampshade

It’s no secret that vintage lamps are made from a variety of materials and come in a wide range of styles. For example, during the late 1800s, many craftsmen used slag glass to create lamp shades. It consists of silicon dioxide, metal oxides, elemental metals and metal sulfides, which give the vintage lamps their unique appearance. The color and clarity of the pressed glass are generally dead giveaways as to which metals were used and where the vintage lamp shade was manufactured.

Let’s take red slag lampshades for instance. They were popular in England during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The list of other colors frequently found in slag glass lampshades includes, but doesn’t end with purple, chocolate, pink, green, blue, yellow and caramel. As for the clarity, the vintage lamp shades were largely opaque and typically featured light to heavy marbling. So, they never failed to make major impressions on residential and commercial buyers.

Vintage lamp shades are not the only items made with slag glass. It was also used to create dinnerware, glassware, windows, door knobs and knick-knacks. Consequently, the shades could be paired with other slag glass items, floor rugs, furniture and industrial lighting to give rooms a 1800s or 1900s feel. For instance, caramel or chocolate slag glass candlestick holders could be placed in a bedroom that contains this 18th Century style stool and denim chindi rugs.

Red slag glassware, on the other hand, would look good sitting underneath of this vintage iron lampshade because of the multiple colors inherently present in both pieces. Multi-colored floor rugs and kitchen furniture with Marlborough legs and slat backs would most assuredly look at home in the same room as well. To learn more about slag glass and vintage lamps, please stop by Direct Vintage. We have retro lighting in stock that would fit in perfectly with vintage home furnishings

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