We know that Valentine’s Day is a good ways away, but there is no reason not to get ready for romance now. One great way to do it is redecorate your personal space with vintage furniture found online that just exudes love and courtship. Of course all of us have our own version of which interior design schemes are the epitome of romance and that’s something that’s been true for centuries. For proof, just look at how much courtship rituals have changed over the years.

In truly ancient times, the mate went to the person that was the best provider or the most fertile. So there really wasn’t much romance involved, unless you count some caveman presenting a torch and animal pelt to a cavewoman that caught his eye. Thankfully, things started to get a lot more romantic in the medieval and Victorian eras. That said, it might be a good idea to look for vintage furniture online from those periods, like tufted stools and cross-sitting benches built for two.

If you don’t care so much for chivalry, you could fast forward to the 1960s and 70s, when love was given as freely as the air and water. That would open up your romantic, interior design options to include a wide range of online vintage furniture, like knitted footstools. They come in great colors and are as comfortable as those bean bag chairs that frequently turned up in beatnik and flower children’s crash pads. They’d fit right in with other iconic items from those eras. The ones that come to our minds are lava lamps, vintage signs and multi-colored Chindi rugs.

To learn more about finding vintage furniture online and using it to create a romantic meeting spot in time for Valentine’s Day or your next scheduled date night, please contact us at Direct Vintage today.

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