Almost everyone can remember a fabulous piece of furniture from their grandparent’s house.  We all had that favorite bench, couch, or side table that we have probably even spent a little time looking for in antique stores in the time since we were children.  The love of vintage furniture is something that we are obviously very passionate about here, and our goal is to help everyone share this with us!

Vintage furniture can seem a little overwhelming if you are a beginner, so we have put together an easy guide to help you incorporate pieces into your home.  Once you see the astonishing results that these few simple changes will bring to your space, we just know that you will fall in love with vintage even more!


Adding a new light, such as our Vintage Iron Lamp Shades will add pizzaz to any space, and scream “retro” with hardly any work at all!  So much for so little!


An inspiring sign is a positive and energetic statement to add to any area of your home, all the while adding a little extra something to it.  We currently have five vintage signs on our website to choose from.


With options from Chindi to leather hide, it will be a snap to toss a new look on the walkway of your home for a rather drastic, retro, yet gorgeous change.  The results will please your family and guests as these rugs are noticeable and newsworthy.  You will be the talk of the neighborhood!  We offer three rugs on our site at the current time that would offer just the right amount of vintage to your home or office!


If you are nervous about jumping all into this retro thing, we encourage you to invest in a smaller piece of furniture at first to see how you like it. Everyone falls in love with the look that a vintage dresser or footstool brings into their space.  We urge you to have a look on our site and pick a piece that fits your space and taste the best, and take it home and pick a place for it.   (Maybe near your new rug!)  Happy Vintaging!

We hope that these tips help you get off to a great start into the beautiful world of vintage furniture!  Hopefully you will find that perfect piece that your family members and friends will be talking of for years to come!

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