Set of Three Nested Tables

Whether you’re the type of person who loves the spare, modern look or the kitschy Victorian look, chances are you could use a piece of vintage furniture to round out your interiors.  Nowadays, it’s considered trendy to mix up different styles of furniture from different eras, focusing only on whether they look good together and not whether they’re from the same time period.

Combining Different Time Periods and Styles

At one point of time, people might have found it strange to get a vintage-looking wooden four-drawer coffee table with slate shelf and combine it with modern-looking pieces made of blond wood.  Now, however, it’s trendy to combine high with low, old with new, light with dark and kitschy with spacious.  Having one accent in a room which is completely different from everything else can actually pull the room together, especially if that accent is right in the centre, like a coffee table.

If you prefer, you can also get two or three pieces that are similar in style and contrast them with two or three pieces in a different style.  For example, you could get a set of three nested tables and scatter them around a room with solid or printed sofas.  There’s something hip and modern-looking about these roughly hewn tables in which you can see the grain of the wood through the paint.  They also contrast well with pieces that are in a completely different style, with smooth surfaces and impeccable polish.

Taking Inspiration from the Japanese Aesthetic

When you’re thinking about adding vintage furniture to your collection, you could think in terms of the Japanese aesthetic which you can read more about in Kakuzo Okakura’s Book of Tea.  In one riveting example, Okakura talks about tea-master Rikiu who is supposed to entertain the Taiko (a regent who ruled in place of the emperor).  The Taiko wanted to see Rikiu’s cultivation of morning glories, but when he arrived, he saw that all of them had been mowed down.  However, one beautiful morning glory was displayed inside the tea room.  Rikiu had gone through all the flowers to find the best one.

Think about your vintage piece as Rikiu did about that morning glory.  It could be the centerpiece of your home, the one thing that pulls everything else together, the one thing that you value more than anything else.  It will also be the one thing that gets your guests talking, so you’ll never need a conversation starter.  Contact us for more information about vintage furniture and interior decoration tips.

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