Vintage Lamps: Pairing Slag Glass with Retro Design Elements

Vintage Iron Lampshade

It’s no secret that vintage lamps are made from a variety of materials and come in a wide range of styles. For example, during the late 1800s, many craftsmen used slag glass to create lamp shades. It consists of silicon dioxide, metal oxides, elemental metals and metal sulfides, which give the vintage lamps their unique appearance. The color and clarity of the pressed glass are generally dead giveaways as to which … Read More →

Falling in love with vintage lighting

Vintage Multi-Colured Lamp Shade

It’s easy to fall madly in love with vintage light fittings but incorporating them into a home isn’t always so simple. Right off of the bat, it’s important to consider the fittings’ shape, color, size and scale. There are also decisions to be made in regards to placement height and illumination strength. So how is anyone supposed to wade through all of those options alone and come up with an excellent … Read More →

Pairing 19th Century Light fittings with contemporary styles

Large Iron Lamp Shades

Vintage light fittings are perfect when it comes to giving a home or business raw character and focal points. However, there are typically questions that must be wrestled with too. One of the biggest is figuring out which eras should be incorporated into the design. Personally, we like the 19th century look. It harkens back to a time when many of the world’s economies were becoming more industrious by the minute. … Read More →

Vintage Lamps for People Crazy about Cycling

Cycle Chain Lamp

Do you live to hop onto your racing or mountain bike every spare minute of the day or night? Is your bookshelf filled with reading materials about famous cyclists, the world’s best biking cities and how-to guides? If so, why not let that love of bicycles spill over into your home’s furnishings with the aid of vintage lamps? One vintage lighting fixture that you’re sure to adore is the cycle … Read More →

Vintage Light Fittings: An Easy Way to go Industrial

Vintage Iron Lampshade

Looking for a way to introduce an industrial feel to your home, but you aren’t sure where to start? One easy way is with vintage light fittings. Lighting unfortunately is often overlooked when we redecorate despite the fact that it can be an easy way to make a big impact without breaking the bank. Perhaps the most popular style of vintage industrial lighting is the old-time iron hanging lamp that was … Read More →

You know what you need? A vintage lamp, that’s what!

Vintage Multi-Colured Lamp Shade

Are you reading this is in a dark dingy corner bereft of descent lighting? Shame on you. Your eyes! Remember what Mom always said about reading with out proper light…? And does your decor desperately need new life, a little sparking up? You need a lamp. But not just another eye sore lamp out of one of those big box stores that everyone else has. Some thing Cool. Something chic. … Read More →

Create a Cocoon of Safety and Security in Your Home with Vintage Light Fittings, Signs and Furniture

Vintage Iron Lampshade

There are certain things in their homes that everyone loves.  It might be that mug that’s been with you for years.  It probably has a few chips, but there just isn’t anything else out there that will feel the same.  It’s nice to have that comforting feeling first thing in the morning when you make a cup of coffee. For other people, it might be that chair that you’ve been … Read More →

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