Vintage Lamps: Pairing Slag Glass with Retro Design Elements

Vintage Iron Lampshade

It’s no secret that vintage lamps are made from a variety of materials and come in a wide range of styles. For example, during the late 1800s, many craftsmen used slag glass to create lamp shades. It consists of silicon dioxide, metal oxides, elemental metals and metal sulfides, which give the vintage lamps their unique appearance. The color and clarity of the pressed glass are generally dead giveaways as to which … Read More →

Get Ready for Romance by Buying Vintage Furniture Online


We know that Valentine’s Day is a good ways away, but there is no reason not to get ready for romance now. One great way to do it is redecorate your personal space with vintage furniture found online that just exudes love and courtship. Of course all of us have our own version of which interior design schemes are the epitome of romance and that’s something that’s been true for centuries. … Read More →

Retro Home Furnishings: Re-Embrace the Age of Art Furniture

Vintage Living Room - with green couch

Some retro home furnishings’ fans refer to the period from 1880 to 1914 as the Age of Art Furniture, which begs the question, “What is Art Furniture?” Ironically enough, it’s furniture that embodies so many eclectic elements from other areas that it’s incredibly hard to define. For example, it would not be unusual for furniture makers of the period to combine Asian elements (e.g. bamboo) with decorative details straight out of … Read More →

Four Simple Ways to Incorporate Vintage Furniture Into Your Modern Lifestyle


Almost everyone can remember a fabulous piece of furniture from their grandparent’s house.  We all had that favorite bench, couch, or side table that we have probably even spent a little time looking for in antique stores in the time since we were children.  The love of vintage furniture is something that we are obviously very passionate about here, and our goal is to help everyone share this with us! … Read More →

The usefulness of vintage home furniture!

Kitchen Organiser - with drawers for corkscrews!

Vintage items have become more popular as many home owners are nostalgic and love to surround themselves with memories from their childhoods. When the treasures can be put to a current use, they have that much more value and enjoyment. Wooden Open Shelf with Two Doors This traditional ‘shutter style’ cabinet offers flexible storage with configurable shelving options. A great looking piece, the attractive and sturdy dark distressed mango wood … Read More →

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