Vintage Lamps for People Crazy about Cycling

Cycle Chain Lamp

Do you live to hop onto your racing or mountain bike every spare minute of the day or night? Is your bookshelf filled with reading materials about famous cyclists, the world’s best biking cities and how-to guides? If so, why not let that love of bicycles spill over into your home’s furnishings with the aid of vintage lamps? One vintage lighting fixture that you’re sure to adore is the cycle … Read More →

Industrial Furniture and Steampunk

Vintage Iron Lampshade

One of the most brilliant and innovative new genres that has recently evolved on to the scene, into interiors and into the movies is Steampunk. Visually luscious, this inventive style is a combination of Victorian, Art Nouveau, Gothic, and military style, laden with industrial revolution–particularly steam power influence. With roots in H.G. Wells, Mary Shelley and Jules Verne’s works,  combing the old with the modern technological age, Steampunk is a fascinating detailed, antique-modern visual feast. Industrial furniture is hard to separate from … Read More →

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