Retro Home Furnishings: Tips for Keeping Chindi and Hide Rugs in One Place


Do you love to incorporate Chindi, felt-backed and leather hide rugs into your retro home furnishings collection but wish that they’d stay in one place? The good news is there are actually several ways to ensure that they stay put. Some offer permanent adhesion and others are temporary solutions that allow people to move their area rugs around at will. The methods that we’re about to mention may also be used … Read More →

Retro Home Furnishings: Re-Embrace the Age of Art Furniture

Vintage Living Room - with green couch

Some retro home furnishings’ fans refer to the period from 1880 to 1914 as the Age of Art Furniture, which begs the question, “What is Art Furniture?” Ironically enough, it’s furniture that embodies so many eclectic elements from other areas that it’s incredibly hard to define. For example, it would not be unusual for furniture makers of the period to combine Asian elements (e.g. bamboo) with decorative details straight out of … Read More →

Using Paints and Stains to Create the Vintage Furniture Look for Your Home


In general, people tend to just polish furniture rather than stain it.  This means that your furniture is going to be in various shades of brown.  It could either be a very light brown, which is often referred to as blond wood.  Or it could be in a darker shade, either cherry or dark brown.  However, just because you have wood furniture doesn’t mean that it needs to be brown.  … Read More →

Retro Furniture Time Periods: Buying Guidelines


Retro furniture is furniture from the past that becomes popular again.  For a piece of furniture to be considered retro, it usually has to be older than 15 years old. When buying retro furniture, it hehlps to be familiar with the various time periods and what was stylish during a particular decade. The 1940s The decade of the 40s is typified by deep, wide coaches with reversible seat cushions and low … Read More →

Vintage Home Furnishings: For the Love of Chindi Rugs


Let’s face it. Hardwood, ceramic tile, stone and similar types of flooring look great but aren’t much fun to walk on once the cold winds start to howl. So we were more than delighted to see chindi rugs, aka rag rugs, show up this year on designers’ lists of the hottest, vintage home furnishings. Wondering how truly vintage chindis are? Surprisingly, the colorful, foot warming rugs’ ancestry spans the globe … Read More →

How to blend vintage furniture with modern furniture in your home

Retro Acrylic Furniture

When you venture into a store, or you look a photos in a magazine, it can be unusual to see modern and vintage furniture work together. This lack of blending has given people the idea that these two styles can’t be cohesively blended together, however blending these two styles together can bring an eclectic style to any room or home. How to Blend Modern and Vintage Furniture There are things to … Read More →

5 Must Have Pieces of Retro Furniture for College Dorms or Flats

Trunk Box - in room setting

Headed off to college and don’t want to spend your time in a dumpy dorm or visually offensive, off-campus flat? No worries. Today’s designers are increasingly looking ahead by looking back. Yes, we are talking about retro furniture and lighting. It’s hip, hot and ready for those late night study sessions when you are. Here’s a look-see at five items all the cool co-eds will surely be clamoring for come fall: 1.) … Read More →

Storage and Retro Home Furnishings

10 Drawer Portobello Chest

Storage and Retro Home Furnishings Storage. One of the seemingly necessary evils most all of us face these days. In order to function in our daily lives it seems, we must navigate through an endless sea of stuff. Such is the price of materialism, (and resolving this is not the subject of this article). We need to deal with it, be able to function around it, and know exactly where … Read More →

Add Retro Style With These Home Furnishing Ideas

Trunk Box - in room setting

Retro home furnishings provide an easy and fun way to add vintage appeal to any room. They let you unleash your creativity, and create a look that expresses your unique style. If you like the retro look, and would like to bring some of that atmosphere into your home, here are a few ideas to get you started: Colours and Patterns A leading colour can be chosen for the room, and complementary … Read More →

Five Trends to Modernize your Home with Retro Furniture

Retro Couch, Living Room

The old saying goes something like this, “Just wait 10-20 years and all the old styles come back.” While that is true to a point, most things don’t come back to an exact specification because materials and colors may change ever so slightly. Nonetheless, some of us just love the classic or retro looks of yesteryear, and really want to bring them to life again in our homes. The key … Read More →

Industrial Furniture Rocks with Character

Industrial Furniture - Direct Vintage

Does your furniture shout,”Look at me?” Or, does it lack oomph?There’s a simple solution just waiting to be noticed-industrial furniture! Industrial furniture is attracting interest and certainly making a name for itself in the world of decorating. The industrial furniture look is popping up everywhere. According to Lesley Harvey, an interior design aficionado,in her blog post, Industrial Style Furniture:A Trend Here to Stay, “current furniture designers are leaning toward adding an … Read More →

Don’t be Afriad to Explore the Beauty of Vintage Home Furnishings

Vintage Trays

If you’re drawn to vintage décor, but fear it won’t look right in your already decorated home, tuck those worries away, because including vintage accents throughout your house, no matter its style, will add further charm and character to your interior design. When you’re feeling unsure on how to mix in vintage home furnishings with your existing style, the perfect first step is selecting smaller accent pieces. The décor ideas listed … Read More →

The Path to not Looking Like Every Other Home you Walk Into

Vintage Multi-Colured Lamp Shade

In a day and age where a certain Swedish furniture company seems to be not only taking over your bathroom, but also taking over your kitchen, living room, desk drawer, and your neighbors entire life, finding furniture that is both well built and different enough to represent you and your tastes can be a tricky task. Unless one wants to conform and have a living room that is at least … Read More →

Combining Vintage Furniture with Modern and Taking Inspiration from the Japanese Aesthetic

Set of Three Nested Tables

Whether you’re the type of person who loves the spare, modern look or the kitschy Victorian look, chances are you could use a piece of vintage furniture to round out your interiors.  Nowadays, it’s considered trendy to mix up different styles of furniture from different eras, focusing only on whether they look good together and not whether they’re from the same time period. Combining Different Time Periods and Styles At one … Read More →

Retro-Futuristic: Plastic Furniture to Realize 1960s Predictions of 21st Century Homes

Retro Acrylic Furniture

You’ve got your basic retro home furnishings. Then you’ve got your retro home furnishings that can paradoxically bring to mind the 1960s and the early 21st century. And the great thing about this is that all you really need to start your search is plastic. Movies of the 1960s presented an almost unified vision of the way the houses we are living in today would be furnished.  The miracle product of … Read More →

Ideas to inspire your retro furniture choices

Inspire your home with these simple retro pointers Design styles go in and out of fashion all the time. The materials, colours and other elements change, but designers gain inspiration from the past which they draw upon for their current creations. Mid-century retro furniture is hot these days, as people seek to add some vintage character to their homes. The popularity of this look means there a lot of choices … Read More →

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