Retro Home Furnishings: Extreme Knitting Design Schemes the Easy Way

Knitted Footstool or Pouf

One of the retro home furnishing trends that aren’t showing any signs of losing steam is extreme knitting. And we can’t blame the millions of people that are embracing it for one simple reason; it’s an incredibly fun way to truly personalize a space. If you’ve been contemplating giving it a try but aren’t too handy with a pair of knitting needles, don’t despair. We’ve got a few tips for getting … Read More →

Don’t be Afriad to Explore the Beauty of Vintage Home Furnishings

Vintage Trays

If you’re drawn to vintage décor, but fear it won’t look right in your already decorated home, tuck those worries away, because including vintage accents throughout your house, no matter its style, will add further charm and character to your interior design. When you’re feeling unsure on how to mix in vintage home furnishings with your existing style, the perfect first step is selecting smaller accent pieces. The décor ideas listed … Read More →

How much stuff is in your messenger bag?

Vintage Messenger Bag

We love a good messenger bag here at Direct Vintage. It was the first item we requested be sent straight to (ahem) Vintage HQ. Ours is not huge – but don’t be deceived … it can be packed to the gunnels; an incredibly useful bag for stashing the computer, phone, external hard drive, Wacom tablet, our latest Great American Novel (the published kind and unpublished kind … ) – in … Read More →

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