Retro Home Furnishings: Tips for Keeping Chindi and Hide Rugs in One Place


Do you love to incorporate Chindi, felt-backed and leather hide rugs into your retro home furnishings collection but wish that they’d stay in one place? The good news is there are actually several ways to ensure that they stay put. Some offer permanent adhesion and others are temporary solutions that allow people to move their area rugs around at will. The methods that we’re about to mention may also be used … Read More →

How to Incorporate Industrial Furniture in Your New Home Office


Furnishing a home office can be challenging due to the desire for a finished space that is both functional and easy on the eyes. While you want the space to feel free of clutter, you don’t want to go too minimal to the point where the office feels unwelcoming. If you’re especially interested in buying industrial furniture to give the office a hip look, consider the following tips. Rely on Pieces … Read More →

Pay Homage to Humankind’s Agrarian Roots with Vintage Home Furnishings

American and European farmhouse style homes have both been around for centuries. Although they have their differences, both feature architectural design elements and vintage home furnishings with distinct similarities. For example, the homes tend to be rectangular in shape with easy-to-frame roofs, large covered porches and right-angled, outer walls. They were designed to blend in seamlessly with the land and offer comfortable, yet simple accommodations. The vintage home furnishings were typically … Read More →

Vintage Lamps for People Crazy about Cycling

Cycle Chain Lamp

Do you live to hop onto your racing or mountain bike every spare minute of the day or night? Is your bookshelf filled with reading materials about famous cyclists, the world’s best biking cities and how-to guides? If so, why not let that love of bicycles spill over into your home’s furnishings with the aid of vintage lamps? One vintage lighting fixture that you’re sure to adore is the cycle … Read More →

5 Must Have Pieces of Retro Furniture for College Dorms or Flats

Trunk Box - in room setting

Headed off to college and don’t want to spend your time in a dumpy dorm or visually offensive, off-campus flat? No worries. Today’s designers are increasingly looking ahead by looking back. Yes, we are talking about retro furniture and lighting. It’s hip, hot and ready for those late night study sessions when you are. Here’s a look-see at five items all the cool co-eds will surely be clamoring for come fall: 1.) … Read More →

Enter; Industrial Furniture

Studded Stool with Carved & Turned Legs

Need some flourish in your hallway, some flair in your foyer? Does your entryway lack that something, that statement leading into your personnel space? Statement? What statement? Yes, your front hallway makes a statement about you, your home, and your family. It is the first peak any visitor will get of your personnel space away from work. What does yours say about you? Who doesn’t need a hand with setting a tone … Read More →

Industrial Furniture and Steampunk

Vintage Iron Lampshade

One of the most brilliant and innovative new genres that has recently evolved on to the scene, into interiors and into the movies is Steampunk. Visually luscious, this inventive style is a combination of Victorian, Art Nouveau, Gothic, and military style, laden with industrial revolution–particularly steam power influence. With roots in H.G. Wells, Mary Shelley and Jules Verne’s works,  combing the old with the modern technological age, Steampunk is a fascinating detailed, antique-modern visual feast. Industrial furniture is hard to separate from … Read More →

Retro Furniture Wall Decor

Be Strong, Laugh A Lot

A blank wall can be a black hole just crying for relief. Whatever to give to it? For heaven’s sake don’t be haphazard about it, you may very well scare away the neighbors and anyone else visiting. Depending on the size of said wall, looking outside the box to the less ordinary is a way to keep your interiors (and mindset) fresh. One interesting angle to look into is retro furniture. … Read More →

Industrial Furniture Rocks with Character

Industrial Furniture - Direct Vintage

Does your furniture shout,”Look at me?” Or, does it lack oomph?There’s a simple solution just waiting to be noticed-industrial furniture! Industrial furniture is attracting interest and certainly making a name for itself in the world of decorating. The industrial furniture look is popping up everywhere. According to Lesley Harvey, an interior design aficionado,in her blog post, Industrial Style Furniture:A Trend Here to Stay, “current furniture designers are leaning toward adding an … Read More →

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