Retro-Futuristic: Plastic Furniture to Realize 1960s Predictions of 21st Century Homes

Retro Acrylic Furniture

You’ve got your basic retro home furnishings. Then you’ve got your retro home furnishings that can paradoxically bring to mind the 1960s and the early 21st century. And the great thing about this is that all you really need to start your search is plastic. Movies of the 1960s presented an almost unified vision of the way the houses we are living in today would be furnished.  The miracle product of … Read More →

Vintage Furniture for Wedding Decorations and Gifts

Vintage Wedding Table

Weddings make people nostalgic so it’s no surprise when they start looking for vintage furniture to complete their theme for going back in time. Classic pieces have so much character to add to a wedding day as decorations or as gifts. Wedding decorations: There are pictures all over the web of loving couples coming up with creative uses for vintage furniture. This one ceremony from the southern United States shows how … Read More →

How much stuff is in your messenger bag?

Vintage Messenger Bag

We love a good messenger bag here at Direct Vintage. It was the first item we requested be sent straight to (ahem) Vintage HQ. Ours is not huge – but don’t be deceived … it can be packed to the gunnels; an incredibly useful bag for stashing the computer, phone, external hard drive, Wacom tablet, our latest Great American Novel (the published kind and unpublished kind … ) – in … Read More →

Ideas to inspire your retro furniture choices

Inspire your home with these simple retro pointers Design styles go in and out of fashion all the time. The materials, colours and other elements change, but designers gain inspiration from the past which they draw upon for their current creations. Mid-century retro furniture is hot these days, as people seek to add some vintage character to their homes. The popularity of this look means there a lot of choices … Read More →

Re-purpose an old vintage tray

Distressed Vintage Trays

4 Trendy Uses for Distressed Trays I’ve been seeing articles about all the trendy ways you can use retro home furnishings like distressed trays. These are a few of the brilliant ideas I found online plus some thoughts of my own. Trays are so versatile for decorations and entertaining. Plus, the price is usually low enough that I can pick up a bundle without going over my budget. These are some … Read More →

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