Enter; Industrial Furniture

Studded Stool with Carved & Turned Legs

Need some flourish in your hallway, some flair in your foyer? Does your entryway lack that something, that statement leading into your personnel space? Statement? What statement? Yes, your front hallway makes a statement about you, your home, and your family. It is the first peak any visitor will get of your personnel space away from work. What does yours say about you? Who doesn’t need a hand with setting a tone … Read More →

Storage and Retro Home Furnishings

10 Drawer Portobello Chest

Storage and Retro Home Furnishings Storage. One of the seemingly necessary evils most all of us face these days. In order to function in our daily lives it seems, we must navigate through an endless sea of stuff. Such is the price of materialism, (and resolving this is not the subject of this article). We need to deal with it, be able to function around it, and know exactly where … Read More →

Get Organized with Vintage Furniture

Versatile - with plenty of wine bottle storage

We all have too much clutter in our lives. The lure of shopping and acquiring more stuff is hopelessly irresistible. As a result one of the main challenges most of have is where to put it all, how to organize it, indeed how to even find it. If you are among those of us who could use a hand with organization, one way to aid and abet this issue and, at the same time add some … Read More →

Industrial Furniture and Steampunk

Vintage Iron Lampshade

One of the most brilliant and innovative new genres that has recently evolved on to the scene, into interiors and into the movies is Steampunk. Visually luscious, this inventive style is a combination of Victorian, Art Nouveau, Gothic, and military style, laden with industrial revolution–particularly steam power influence. With roots in H.G. Wells, Mary Shelley and Jules Verne’s works,  combing the old with the modern technological age, Steampunk is a fascinating detailed, antique-modern visual feast. Industrial furniture is hard to separate from … Read More →

Retro Furniture Wall Decor

Be Strong, Laugh A Lot

A blank wall can be a black hole just crying for relief. Whatever to give to it? For heaven’s sake don’t be haphazard about it, you may very well scare away the neighbors and anyone else visiting. Depending on the size of said wall, looking outside the box to the less ordinary is a way to keep your interiors (and mindset) fresh. One interesting angle to look into is retro furniture. … Read More →

Mix Contemporary Decor with Vintage Home Furnishings for a Uniquely Delightful Design

10 Drawer Portobello Chest

When spring and summer bestow their warmth and air of good feeling upon us, many homeowners start getting the idea to renovate, remodel, or redecorate. One idea that strikes many of us is the notion of mixing some vintage home furnishings into our living space. Often times, however, we get scared off by the thought that everything in our home would need to be vintage or retro in order to make it … Read More →

Stylin’ Vintage Furniture Online

Vintage Living Room - with green couch

What do you get your hip 20 or 30 something friends who have just found a new flat and have decided to move in together? In these days of big box stores, being creative decor and furniture wise has become a tall order. And creating a stylish young apartment that doesn’t look like Crate and Barrel has gotten that much harder. Achieving character in room decor takes ingenuity, an eye, and … Read More →

You know what you need? A vintage lamp, that’s what!

Vintage Multi-Colured Lamp Shade

Are you reading this is in a dark dingy corner bereft of descent lighting? Shame on you. Your eyes! Remember what Mom always said about reading with out proper light…? And does your decor desperately need new life, a little sparking up? You need a lamp. But not just another eye sore lamp out of one of those big box stores that everyone else has. Some thing Cool. Something chic. … Read More →

Reconnecting with Vintage Furniture

Set of Three Nested Tables

In a throwaway world obsessed with fast and furious paced lifestyles, with speed of light evolving technology we can barely keep up with, staying grounded and retaining balance in our lives has become a difficult issue. On top of this, modern life keeps pushing everyone into the cookie cutter faceless number system striving to strip away our individuality at every turn. In a world of big box stores pandering to the masses, … Read More →

Add Retro Style With These Home Furnishing Ideas

Trunk Box - in room setting

Retro home furnishings provide an easy and fun way to add vintage appeal to any room. They let you unleash your creativity, and create a look that expresses your unique style. If you like the retro look, and would like to bring some of that atmosphere into your home, here are a few ideas to get you started: Colours and Patterns A leading colour can be chosen for the room, and complementary … Read More →

Create A Country Chic Design with Vintage Furniture Online

Country Chic Furniture

Country Chic or Shabby Chic, a very popular design style, combines soft country decor with vintage decor. Shabby Chic is easy to spot by the trademark white distressed paint, cottage-style decor, and mismatched fabrics and old linens. New items are often distressed to give the furniture the shabby chic feel. There are ten elements that encompass the shabby chic style. Find many of these elements from vintage furniture online. 1.  … Read More →

Five Trends to Modernize your Home with Retro Furniture

Retro Couch, Living Room

The old saying goes something like this, “Just wait 10-20 years and all the old styles come back.” While that is true to a point, most things don’t come back to an exact specification because materials and colors may change ever so slightly. Nonetheless, some of us just love the classic or retro looks of yesteryear, and really want to bring them to life again in our homes. The key … Read More →

Industrial Furniture Rocks with Character

Industrial Furniture - Direct Vintage

Does your furniture shout,”Look at me?” Or, does it lack oomph?There’s a simple solution just waiting to be noticed-industrial furniture! Industrial furniture is attracting interest and certainly making a name for itself in the world of decorating. The industrial furniture look is popping up everywhere. According to Lesley Harvey, an interior design aficionado,in her blog post, Industrial Style Furniture:A Trend Here to Stay, “current furniture designers are leaning toward adding an … Read More →

Why Decorate With Vintage, or Retro Furniture?

Vintage Living Room - with green couch

Vintage and retro furniture has made a decidedly large splash in the home furnishing and decor pool lately.  Finding a way to incorporate either a few pieces, or an entire theme into your home decor has become more and more on trend.  However, aside from a top spot in the trends of the day, there are many additional reasons people are choosing to fill their homes and work spaces with … Read More →

Don’t be Afriad to Explore the Beauty of Vintage Home Furnishings

Vintage Trays

If you’re drawn to vintage décor, but fear it won’t look right in your already decorated home, tuck those worries away, because including vintage accents throughout your house, no matter its style, will add further charm and character to your interior design. When you’re feeling unsure on how to mix in vintage home furnishings with your existing style, the perfect first step is selecting smaller accent pieces. The décor ideas listed … Read More →

Create a Cocoon of Safety and Security in Your Home with Vintage Light Fittings, Signs and Furniture

Vintage Iron Lampshade

There are certain things in their homes that everyone loves.  It might be that mug that’s been with you for years.  It probably has a few chips, but there just isn’t anything else out there that will feel the same.  It’s nice to have that comforting feeling first thing in the morning when you make a cup of coffee. For other people, it might be that chair that you’ve been … Read More →

The Path to not Looking Like Every Other Home you Walk Into

Vintage Multi-Colured Lamp Shade

In a day and age where a certain Swedish furniture company seems to be not only taking over your bathroom, but also taking over your kitchen, living room, desk drawer, and your neighbors entire life, finding furniture that is both well built and different enough to represent you and your tastes can be a tricky task. Unless one wants to conform and have a living room that is at least … Read More →

5 Distressed Furniture Accents that Pair Well with Vintage Furniture Found Online

Portobello Chest

My Aunt Martha likes to give me things.  Sometimes they’re impressive, but more often than not, they seem to be items that should go in the rubbish. However, I was able to find some vintage furniture online to pair with Aunt Martha’s “gifts.” Most people, at some point in their lives, end up with a spoon here or a fork there that doesn’t match a set.   Aunt Martha was cleaning out … Read More →

Combining Vintage Furniture with Modern and Taking Inspiration from the Japanese Aesthetic

Set of Three Nested Tables

Whether you’re the type of person who loves the spare, modern look or the kitschy Victorian look, chances are you could use a piece of vintage furniture to round out your interiors.  Nowadays, it’s considered trendy to mix up different styles of furniture from different eras, focusing only on whether they look good together and not whether they’re from the same time period. Combining Different Time Periods and Styles At one … Read More →

5 Pinterest Boards to Follow for Decorating with Vintage Home Furnishings

Vintage furniture on Pinterest

Pinterest is a treasure trove of decorating ideas for vintage furniture lovers. If you’re browsing through our catalog and looking for inspiration and ideas for integrating some of these unique vintage home furnishings into your home or office decor the head on over to Pinterest for more inspiration. These boards are a great place to start: Vintage Home Furnishings This board is curated by a user named Jim Sturgeon who also has … Read More →

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