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Pinterest is a treasure trove of decorating ideas for vintage furniture lovers. If you’re browsing through our catalog and looking for inspiration and ideas for integrating some of these unique vintage home furnishings into your home or office decor the head on over to Pinterest for more inspiration. These boards are a great place to start:

Vintage Home Furnishings

This board is curated by a user named Jim Sturgeon who also has quite a few other vintage-themed boards. This one focuses on furniture, lamps and accessories from the 1950’s and 1960’s. He has compiled a colorful and inspirational selection of items specifically for the home.

Vintage Style

Elizabeth Milner of Maryland has an eye for beautiful photos of modern rooms decorated with vintage touches. Sometimes it’s one piece of furniture that stands out and gives a room that extra special touch and other times it’s a tastefully displayed collection of vintage goodies amidst modern comforts.

Gracefully Vintage Folsom

Folsom, California is home to more than just one of the most infamous prisons in history. This gold-rush town is apparently filled with beautiful antique displays. Suzanne Walizer is a designer who is inspired by history and has compiled over 115 beautiful photos of vintage furniture.

Vintage Kitchen Tables

This board is filled with photos of over 80 vintage dinettes. Some are vintage photos, taken from catalogs and other sources while the remainder are taken in modern homes with adorable kitchen tables and chairs on display. This collection is curated by Patti, a Wisconsin resident. Be sure to check out her other boards, she has one dedicated to vintage appliances, pyrex kitchenware and several other more specific collections.

Antique/Vintage Lamps

Sam Salvail of Vancouver BC has curated a very distinctive collection of vintage lamps and lampshades. He has a nice combination of table lamps and floor lamps mostly from the early 1900’s.

So which Pinterest boards inspire your decorating the most?  Did you find us through Pinterest? It can be a great tool for gathering ideas and playing with colors and texture combinations.

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