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Headed off to college and don’t want to spend your time in a dumpy dorm or visually offensive, off-campus flat? No worries. Today’s designers are increasingly looking ahead by looking back. Yes, we are talking about retro furniture and lighting. It’s hip, hot and ready for those late night study sessions when you are. Here’s a look-see at five items all the cool co-eds will surely be clamoring for come fall:

1.) Kitchen Organiser

If you plan on eating more than stale chips and take-out, go for a color-neutral, retro kitchen organiser. It’s perfect for storing toaster ovens, blenders, Panini presses, dishware, stemware, silverware and wine. There’s also usually a side compartment that’s ideal for cutting boards, serving trays, hot plates and other thin, kitchen essentials. Choose an organiser that’s 70 x 40 x 210 cm. That way, it should fit inside most average size dorms or flats.

2.) Nested Tables (3-Piece)

Why not pair that retro organiser with a 3-piece, nested table set made of mango wood? When nested together, they’ll typically take up a mere 45 x 30 x 45 cm of space. Use them as makeshift snack tables during impromptu parties or scatter them about the flat and set up some retro table lamps for added, visual appeal.

3.) Trunk Boxes

Need extra storage space that can double as seating and a table? Then consider loading a trunk box into your vehicle and bringing it to the dorm. Like the nesting tables, many of them are made from mango wood and are extremely strong. The box that we adore the most is 115 x 60 x 40 cm in size and the top lifts up to reveal oodles of storage space for stadium blankets, charging devices, bed linens and more.

4.) 3-Drawer Console Table with Shelf

Skip the bulky student desk and go with a mango wood console table instead. The one that we have in mind is 100 x 45 x 85 cm. It features three pull-out drawers and two shelves, one of which is slated. The console’s shelves are perfect for storing a laptop or tablet and the drawers can hold chargers, thumb drives and other computing essentials. You could also get even more organised by lining the console’s shelves with vintage storage trays that show off your unique personality.

5.) 5-Drawer Open Shutter Chest

Last on our “gotta-have-it” list is an acacia and mango wood, open shutter chest. It is 102 x 50 x 100 cm and features five roomy drawers. So you should be able to hold all of your college tees, pants, socks and unmentionables. For more space, turn retro beverage boxes on their sides and stack them on top, or alongside of, the chest. They would make great storage spots for bulky sweat shirts, sweaters and spare blue jeans.

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