Portobello Chest

My Aunt Martha likes to give me things.  Sometimes they’re impressive, but more often than not, they seem to be items that should go in the rubbish. However, I was able to find some vintage furniture online to pair with Aunt Martha’s “gifts.”

Most people, at some point in their lives, end up with a spoon here or a fork there that doesn’t match a set.   Aunt Martha was cleaning out her kitchen drawers and gave me a slew of mismatched spoons.  Rather than tossing them, I up-cycled them by painting the ends white so they “match” and then used a vintage tray to serve Aunt Martha tea.

Tin cans make great storage containers, but the original colors may not go with your décor.  I was helping Aunt Martha clean out her pantry and found a bunch of old coffee tins that she had stored for ages.  Rather than throw them out, we created shabby vintage tin craft cans, which, incidentally, would look great on this coffee table.

Not long after she gave me the mismatched spoons, Aunt Martha decided to pass on whole sets of flatware.  I’m not sure if people were stealing from Aunt Martha her whole life, but it seems none of the sets were complete.  Thankfully, setting a table with mismatched sets is a “thing” now!  I think they would look fabulous in this side board.

When my Uncle Howard was still alive, he gave Aunt Martha flowers and she kept the vases.   Rather than toss them all out, we up-cycled some of them and gave them a vintage lacey style.  They look amazing on an old cabinet that she has, similar to this portobello cabinet.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have pretty things in jars and put them out for display.  Over the years, Aunt Martha collected lots of things, including buttons, sea shells, coins, glass beads, gumballs (it’s true!), marbles, dice, wine bottle corks, rocks, nuts and bolts, and bottle caps (Uncle Howard liked beer).  These are lifetime collections, worthy of display in Glass Hurricane Jars.

So, what has the Aunt Martha in your life passed on to you? Contact us at Direct Vintage to find something to go with the treasures in your home

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